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EFT Tapping

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.


EFT is very effective and easy to learn.

What is it?

EFT involves tapping on Acupressure / Meridian points on the face and upper body whilst focusing or talking about the problem.  All dis-ease originates from trapped emotions in the body.  By tapping on the meridian points whilst focusing on the problem allows the trapped emotion to release and the body to find balance.


How can it help me and my horse?

I have found EFT hugely effective in working with horses and their guardians for many and varied reasons. Here are just a few examples of how it can help:

  • Rebalance fear after a bad fall which has upset you and your horse.

  • Help with nerves at competition

  • Help you learn dressage tests

  • Help with spooking and lack of confidence

  • Help with fear of riding alone

  • Help balance herd dynamics (especially on introduction of a new horse or loss of an old herd member)

  • Helps settle a new horse with a new owner and / or a yard move

  • Decision making and end of life care

  • To improve mobility

  • Various behavioural issues and problems

What else can you use EFT for?

EFT has been used successfully around the world for numerous issues including:

  • Pain management

  • Weight Management

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Chronic illnesses (Parkinson’s, MS, ME/CFS, Stroke etc.)

  • Nerves and Confidence

  • Bullying and other childhood issues

  • Phobias

  • Post traumatic stress disorder ( a lot of work has been done with veterans and also the Philipines Earthquake victims )

  • Sports and Performance

  • General health and well-being


Who can benefit from EFT?

EFT is can be used by everyone for a wide range of things from physical and mobility problems through to mental blocks and fear related issues.


It's  especially good for people who need ‘something to do’ so for instance it’s great for people who smoke and need something to do with their hands or who would initially struggle to meditate and relax.

As well as animals, children can learn and use EFT as its such a simple method in its basic form.  I have worked with children in a local secondary school who I trained up to EFT level 2 so they could help both themselves and their friends with phobias, exam nerves and general worries.  All the children were amazing and produced some amazing case studies.

Where can I find out more?

Gary Craig was the originator of EFT and he offers free online resources to learn EFT here :

The main regulatory body in the UK is AAMET and you will find more information on research and trainers / practitioners there.

You can find more information and resources at these sites too: and

Once you’ve had a read of the above and maybe if you’ve decided to learn a little bit, then you can have a look at Brad Yates who has a youtube channel with all sorts of tapping scripts that you can tap along with – you can find him here:



EFT For Everyone Book

An introduction to EFT and stories and experiences of what it can be used for from some of the leading EFT professionals in their field. 

** Includes EFT: And Horses **

by Emma Bailey,

From Horses To Humans

Here's what international author Jack Canfield has to say:

"I strongly encourage you to use this

valuable book ....I promise you that you will be forever grateful that you did."

To find out more about this great new book and my contribution, please:

What Will It Cost?

At my Warrington therapy room, or via Skype:

First session  £85

Follow up sessions £65

Package deals available on request.

Home or Yard Visit:

As above plus call out fee of £15 plus travel over 10 miles.

(Mileage may be waivered or reduced if there are multiple clients in one location) 

Workshops and Training

On request.

Of note

Please be aware that you may get great results working on your own, you may get some relief working on your own or you may get no benefit at all.  It doesn’t mean that EFT doesn’t work for you, it just means you’re probably not tapping on the right thing!  I met a girl on an EFT course many years ago who said it never worked for her but everyone she knew was benefitting from it.  Coming on the course suddenly she felt the power of what it could do for her when she started working with someone else and tapping on the ‘right thing’.  We are all different so each of us has a different experience and way of working.

Disclaimer: EFT must be used as recommended. While it helps many people, we cannot guarantee results. Treatments are not intended to be, or serve as a substitute for, professional, medical, psychological advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your GP or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or psychological condition.

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