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Rebalancing Mind, Body ...  and Spirit

Equine Scenar Pelvic Rebalancing
Horse In-hand Classical Work

As both a classical trainer and Enlightened Equitation Teacher, I help people to develop a good independent seat and work biomechanically with the horse, training through a system of groundwork and riding.

Professional Equine Scenar

I am a professionally qualified and fully insured Human and Equine Scenar Therapist.

Scenar is an amazing energy therapy so please click here for more information


A brand new EFT book is due out soon called EFT For Everyone & includes a chapter on my work with horses using EFT Tapping.

To learn more Click here 

Equine Emotional Freedom Techniques
Horse Meditation

I adore working with people and horses using mindfulness & meditation to create dynamic change - physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have developed my own techniques to deepen connection, improve balance, and enhance confidence and performance

I offer clinics, workshops and certified training in:

- Flexions & Groundwork

- Balance & Classical Seat

- Confidence & Nerves

- Performance 

- Meditation

- EFT Tapping

- Inner RePatterning

- Pain Management

- Connection & Reflection

Reducing Anxiety with EFT Tapping
Equine Scenar Bodywork Treatment
Equine Scenar Shoulder Release
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