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I have been interested in nutrition throughout my horse journey.  In the 1990's I was privileged to train with a classical trainer who was knowledgeable in both nutrition and homeopathy which she used in her work, rescuing and rehabilitating horses in Turkey.

My own interest deepened with my lovely mare who kept having issues with sore, tight muscles. 15 years ago the knowledge of metabolic disorders and PSSM was not as prevalent as it is today and it wasn't until she fully tied up for over 24 hours that we finally knew what the problem was.  A chance meeting with an Equine Podiatrist took me deeper into the ever expanding nutritional field and then a few years ago I was introduced to the amazing people at OVVET who's products are evidenced based and have made a huge difference to both my horses and those of my clients.

I have learned that hydration/cell salt balance and reducing oxidative stress can be key to many conditions and OVVET Charged alone can make a significant difference to horses with chronic problems as even 1% dehydration can lead to decreased physical and mental performance.  There's quite a bit of research related to the products so I've added information in the research panel below and just reading the different Product PDFs will give you knowledge and insights that I hope you will find interesting in relation to cellular function and inflammatory responses.

By combining good nutrition with Revenko Scenar and other energy therapies, outstanding results can be achieved, for both you and your horse, by bringing the body back into homeostasis.  Not only do our horses take OVVET products but so do we, alongside using all our energy therapies!  The combination has helped my daughter no end with her M.E. to keep her immune system optimised and free from joint and muscle pain! 


I am always happy to arrange an appointment to chat about the options available to you, both from me and other equine practitioners / nutritionists.  

OVVET Veterinary Grade Nutraceuticals - suitable for Horses and Humans!

Professor Mike Lindinger has conducted extensive research on OVVET products.  You can find him listed with all his research papers by clicking on the button

Research Links

OVVET Joint Pro is the company's most advanced product with exceptional results in clinical trials.  Its ability to reduce oxidative stress so quickly and to boost the immune system can be key for horses battling a range of issues such as Laminitis, COPD, allergies.  I keep both my horses on a low dose to keep them healthy and well.

EOTRH dental issues have been identified in horses as young as 13.  This research was conducted on dogs using the Dental Support for Pets but results in horses are looking equally as promising

Mike Lindinger's speciality is hydration in horses and he's done extensive work in this area.  Some of it gets a bit 'techy' but here are some links for those who are interested:

Asyra Health Screening 

I am delighted to be working in conjunction with Nicky Ward of Speedwell Complementary Health Centre to offer Bioresonance Health Screening.  

A cheaper and less invasive method than blood testing, Asyra can help pinpoint issues including parasite problems, allergies, mineral balancing and even emotional issues.

Nicky has set up a special protocol for all my clients which also allows you to check which OVVET products are best for your horse, so if you wish to take advantage of this, follow the instructions on her website and add that you wish to have the "Horses to Humans" Protocol

Equine Ulcers & Diagnosis 

OVVET Gastri Gold is an amazing product which tackles ulcers and inflammation throughout the entire digestive tract. 


There are some great videos on You Tube which are well worth watching if you suspect your horse may have ulcers or you're not sure what's wrong.


Here's a link to one from Mark DePaolo DVM:

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