Meditation & Mindfulness

Through my journey with horses I have watched hundreds, probably thousands, of people ride, interact and train horses.  It always fascinated me how horses reacted so differently to different people they encountered and would perform according to something intrinsic to that person.


I also became aware that when I trained with a great trainer that I couldn't always be like them because I wasn't them; I had to find a way of interpreting their knowledge so that I was still my authentic self in my partnership with horses.

 Over many years of learning, discovery and exploring I have developed an advanced toolkit of mindful techniques to help horse and partner on many levels

How Can It Help?

I have used these techniques including my development of Inner Repatterning in such a wide variety of instances so here are just a few examples:

  • George transformed from a spooky rodeoing horse, who had a history of ulcers and couldn't stand still, to a relaxed and happy horse within two sessions.

  • Nikkie had had a fall and turned up for her session on a walking stick registering a pain level of 6-7 out of 10 just standing.  She didn't think she could have her session so we did some Inner RePatterning off the horse.  She not only walked unaided after 20 minutes but then proceeded to ride including trot with pain reduced to a 1 out of 10.

  • Gill overcame her fear of jumping within one session, surprising everyone by unexpectedly just taking a jump.  We increased the jumps and she continued happily. Afterwards she came and told me that she could have easily gone higher.

  • Jill had various medical conditions which created tension in her muscles and made it very difficult to sit straight.  Using Inner RePatterning whilst riding allowed Jill to unconsiously realign her body so that she could balance and move with the horse more easily.

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