Classical Training

Classical Seat & Equitation Training

Classical Seat & Equitation Training

In order for the horse to develop correctly under saddle it is key that the rider is also as balanced and as 'straight' as possible and learns to move biomechanically with the horse.  

I have over 15 years of classical teaching and training experience and have been a certified Enlightened Equitation instructor since 2007.


I have had some wonderful classical teachers including the late great Tony Dampier who always gave me great encouragement in my abilities to train and teach.  Laterly though my classical training has been most influenced by Sylvia Stanier's logical progression of training which I have studied with Jenny Franklin since 2004.

Underpinning all my work is solid foundations in flexions and groundwork training plus helping people to understand how to energectically get themselves in the 'right frame of mind' to be able to develop a happy and cooperative partnership.

I have done much work with difficult horses and those in need of rehabilitation based on the solid biomechanical principles afforded by correct classical training.

Flexions & Groundwork Training

Flexions and supplings were developed by Francois Baucher in the 1800's, as part of logical systematic training.


Front end flexions teach the horse relaxation of the jaw and lightness to the hand whilst


Hind end supplings teach the horse to yield from the leg and strengthen the quarters.

Flexions :

  • Teach your horse acceptance and contact of the bit

  • Teach you how to have soft giving hands

  • Warm your horse up mentally and physically before exercise

  • Develop your horses suppleness and precision

  • Both assess and develop  your horse's straightness and balance

I am passionate about

in-hand work as it is so valuable on so many levels:

It allows you to: 


  • Train the horse in all basic & advanced movements (including laterals, school walk, piaffe) prior to doing them ridden.

  • Learn and perfect the rein aids.

  • Develop your own balance and coordination working the horse from both sides.

  • Build a trusting partnership

All these tools and techniques are invaluable not only for training but also rehabilitation and backing.

Lunging and Long Reining are invaluable tools in teaching the horse to progress from the flexions to learn balance during movement.

I advocate much work is done at the walk before progressing to the other gaits to create


  • suppleness,

  • strength and

  • engagement


as well as to help the horse to understand what is required of him at each level.

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